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Shaanxi Leyou Law Firm is a partnership law firm approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Judicial Department on March 26, 2013. At present, there are 15 law firms operating case handling departments, including special law research rooms, customer management services, administrative and financial departments, and Party branches.

The case handling departments include the Ministry of Finance and Insurance (Jia Yongjin), the Ministry of Company (Party Xingwu), the Ministry of Real Estate and Construction Engineering (Xue Jiangming), the Ministry of Civil and Commercial Affairs (Zhang Xingmao), the Department of Enterprise Legal Adviser (Cheng Wei), the Department of Litigation and Arbitration (Yang Xiaolin), the Ministry of Securities and Investment (Ding Haijun, Xia ou), the Ministry of Criminal Affairs (Li Hongbo), the Ministry of Marriage and Family Affairs (Gaojun), and the Ministry of Labor Law (Cheng Ruimi Ministry of Legal Affairs for Tort Liability (Quan Lijuan), Ministry of Intellectual Property Rights (Zhang Yanbin, Xu Zhou-xia), Ministry of Contract Legal Affairs (Wang Yuxin), Ministry of Foreign-related and Equity Investment and Finance (Lu Juan, Guo Zibu), Ministry of Legal Affairs for Start-up Enterprises (Xu Zhou-xia, Xu Xiao, Hao Ting), Law Research Office (Xue Jiangming), Customer Management Service Department (Guo Peng), Ministry of Administration and Finance (Jia Yongjin) There is also the Party branch of the CPC Leyou Law Firm (Secretary Zhang Xingmao), which is the political core.

I have business advantages in the fields of financial insurance, construction engineering, civil and commercial affairs, criminal defense, death penalty review of the Supreme Court and other legal services.
At present, there are more than fifty professors, doctors and excellent lawyers with professional expertise and experience in various fields in lawyer affairs.

Leyou Law Firm upholds the office concept of "honesty, professionalism and friendship". Through constantly improving its business innovation and professional service ability, it creates the brand of "Leyou" legal service. With the purpose of service specialization, advanced concept and excellent quality, it provides high-quality and efficient legal service to customers, shapes a good public image of lawyers and improves constantly. Its social influence.

Address: Dongsheng building, No. 188 North Road, the Xi'an Beilin District 12 floor
High tech service center: high tech Zone Zhang Bayi Road No. one of Xi'an Huixin IBC-A room 1806
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